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China offers the world a green transition plan


    China offers the world a green transition plan

    Dec 24,2020

    China not only put forward a grand plan to build a"beautiful China",but also promised to use green as the background color of the "Belt and Road"initiative  and guide financial institutions and enterprises to promote the sustainable development of countries where the "Belt and Road"construction projects are located.At the beginning of September 2020,the Asian infrastructure Inverstment Bank,initiated by China,announced that it would no longer invest in any thermal power projects.We hope that more projects and coal-related projects.We hope that more financial institutions and enterproses will make relevant commitments and implement the green"Belt and Road"concept.WWF has offices or projects in more than 100 countries along the"Belt and Road".We will continue to uphold scientific,objective and constructive principles to promote the development of green"Belt and Road"and other work.

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