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RCEP opens a new global horizon


    RCEP opens a new global horizon

    Dec 25,2020

    Under the current circumstances of rampant COVID-19 and serious confrontation between China and the United States,the external intermatonal economic environment appears unstable and uncertain,the external supply chain of developed wstern countries is unreliable,trade protectionism is prevalent,and the global economy is in recession.The signing of the RCEP has injected new impetus into the process of regional integration of the world economy.China will implement gain wider and wider,deeper in the field of fully open,the integration of east Aisa,and the ceonomic structure of the western Pacific,greatly promote the free flow of factors of regional economy,production among the members of the division of labor and cooperation,and then pull the area consumer market capacity upgrade,promoting in-depth integration of industrial chain,supply chain and value chain in the area of.

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